Activities / Services

The Company develops a network of services in the main regions of raw materials industry across Russia and in CIS countries in the areas of maximum concentration of mining enterprises.
Regional service centres keep spare parts stores to meet  the Customers’ needs at a quick pace.
Regional Service Centres:

  • OMZ-Siberia -Service LLC (Kuzbass, the Novosibirsk Region, Altai Territory)

Core functions of the Regional Service Centres:

1. Technical support in operation and maintenance of the mining equipment:

- monitoring of basic parameters of the equipment, statistics gathering of time before failures of the units and parts, failure and complaint analysis;
- consulting during medium repairs and heavy overhaul of the equipment, real time decision-making on  remedy of failure effects, real time participation in the investigation of the failures
- supervisory control of operation and maintenance of the equipment, superior workmanship and mounting of spare units and parts during repair.

2. Provision of repair and replacement( consumable) parts, organization of circulating funds of spares

The Company offers Customers a full line of mining equipment,  in-house spare parts and accessories.
IZ-KARTEX genuine spare parts are manufactured in strict observance of production process requirements.
They have extended service life and durability as compared to products of different vendors.

The Company provides a total range of services: 

• Turnkey equipment installation
• Setting-up and maintenance of electric drive.
• Approval tests.
• Technical support service as scheduled by preventive maintenance.
• Technical state diagnostics.
• Equipment overhaul .
• Modernization of mining equipment 

Length of warranty for purchased mining shovels is 12 months.
At installation of excavators on a turn-key basis by IZ-KARTEX the guarantee period is increased to 24 months.