Activities / Sales

IZ-KARTEX mining equipment is supplied to large mining companies, being engaged in open-pit mining of hard mineral resources: ore, coal,gold, copper,  polymetals, apatites, diamonds, construction materials etc.
Rotary Drilling Rigs are used for drilling wells in rock mass, wherein blasting agents are laid down later on and blasting operations are carried out for breaking of the mined rocks followed by their further excavation.
Excavators are used for excavating and loading of rocks (minable ore and overburdens) into transportation vehicles, for reloading of ore and overburden at open-pit mine transfer points, and during  railroad method of dumping .

The Company’s pricing policy is aimed at:

1. Establishing long-term and stable partnership relations with clients.
2. Forming up customer –friendly sales system.
3. Offering competitive prices at the market as  compared to world manufacturers of mining equipment .
4. Ensuring the best value for money for the customer.