Press / Renovation and technical upgrading

The program of technical re-equipment and modernization of production facilities is being implemented. The program is aimed at creating a modern production base of the company, which allows increasing the capacity and improving the quality of products.

In 2012, 46 projects have been launched. The volume of investments amounted to 700 million rubles. This year, a range of modern machine equipment of leading world manufacturers was put into operation, including: multipurpose machining machine carousel-type milling-drilling (Sirmu, Italy), vertical boring machine (Hermle, Germany), radial drilling machines (Weiler, Germany), Gear Grinding Machine (Capp Niles, Germany), multi-purpose machining center (Hyundai, Korea). All machines are equipped with computer numerical control, allowing the product to obtain information directly from electronic drawings.

Moreover, first carousel lathe VTM 200C (SIRMU, Italy, commissioned in Russia) was launched. In addition to complex turning, the machine allows milling, drilling, tapping, boring holes in the workpieces with diameter 2600 mm, height 2400 mm, with a billet up to 33 tons. The machine shop is equipped with an automatic tool changer and tool measurement system and details of the company «Renishaw».

Successful implementation of VTM 200C improved the quality of the products, reduced the complexity of a number of parts and concentrated multiple operations in a single machine.