Press / “Compact production" gathers pace

IZ- KARTEX continues to implement "Compact production" project, launched in late 2012. After joining the workshop 6 the task is to put all excavator production capacities in one united body of the sixth and second workshops.

In the next few months, in the combined production facility the new equipment will be commissioned: paint booth , bridge crane that can be managed either by a crane operator or radio control. The foundations for turning and hobbing machines are being installed. A new storage warehouse of finished products has already been organized.

The first stage of the project is to transfer in one workshop all welding and assembly sites where all operations in the manufacture of steelworks are made. The household premises also underwent some repair. Workflows will be organized in such a way that in one span machines, machining parts such as wheels , tires , blocks, etc. will be focused, and in another - axles , shafts and pinion-shafts. Input control points will also be organized. One will be checking quality of the foundries, the second - quality of the forgings. All logistics movement in both workshops will undergo major changes, which are aimed at improving product quality and decreasing time of its manufacture .

Installation of some machines in the joint workshop has already begun. 6 lathes were transferred and mounted. The repair and painting were carried out by proper repair services . New machining centers, such as Mori Seiki, Hyundai-Wia, Gleason and Liebherr will be transferred through specialized companies licensed hardware manufacturers . Since the equipment is constantly involved in the production, machines are transferred to their new regular places gradually. Therefore, the process of moving will last until mid- 2015. Together with the next phase - installation of new equipment purchased in the current and next year as a part of the modernization program. These are few new lathes, vertical lathes , three gear hobbing machines, profile grinding machine .

The third phase of the "Compact Production" - design in a single corporate style all industrial and domestic premises in accordance with the developed industrial design.

The ultimate goal of the project "Compact Production" is to create a modern mobile production at the world's best heavy industry companies.