Activities / Production

IZ-KARTEX production facilities are arranged on closed cycle basis, including blanking, machining, assembly, painting, packing and dispatch of products.

Blank Production Shop

  • rolled section steel cutting
  • pipe cutting

Machining  Workshop

  • Lathe machining
  • Milling operations
  • Vertical turning lathe machining
  • Boring operations
  • Gear machining
  • Grinding

Heat treatment Shop

  • Normalization
  • tempering
  • Ionic nitride hardening
  • Quenching 

Assembly and Welding Production Shop

  • Assembly of units before welding
  • Welding of units
  • Inspection of welded joints by nondestructive test methods (dye-penetrant testing, ultrasonic testing and magnetic particle testing)
  • Painting of articles
  • Packing and shipment of products


All the main parts and components for the mining equipment are manufactured using the in-house production facilities.
These parts and components shall meet most stringent strength, accuracy and tolerance requirements .
IZ-KARTEX undertakes the full spectrum of machining operations.
A machining and assembly workshop is the main production shop, where  parts and units weighing up to 100 t are manufactured.
These are turntable frame, lower frame, boom, hoist winch, crowd winch, bucket, crawler track, central pintle, roller circle, ring gear, slewing mechanism gearbox, propel  drive, arm, fixture elements;
The workshop space is utilized for assembly, welding, machining and final assembling of turntables, lower frames, working attachment, track frames and gearbox groups for all the mining equipment range produced.
Also, packing and shipment dispatch of the manufactured excavator units and spare parts to Customers takes place at the worshop.
Shafts, shaft-gears, gears, gear wheels and other integral components of shovel gearbox groups, аs well as component parts of undercarriages and work attachment equipment are manufactured at the machining workshop.
The machining workshop facilities make it possible to carry out high induction hardening, nitrogen hardening, cutting of teeth from module “6” to module “50”, polishing of external and internal teeth.
Welding works are certified by  NAKS (the National Agency for Control and  Welding).

Manufacturing equipment

The Company is equipped with stock of unique machine tools of foreign and domestic manufacture.
High-accuracy modern machine tools produced by leading world manufacturers: Mori Seiki, Liebherr, Skoda, Zayer, Gleason Pfauter, Toshiba, Hermle, Sirmu, Kapp Niles, Weiler  etc. have great potentialities.

Quality Control

Quality assurance of the products is an essential element in the Company activities.
Implementation of continuous quality assurance system guarantees compliance with the specified standard requirements all through the production process stages.
The quality control system meets the requirements of International standard ISO 9001-2000 and provides all the types of nondestructive test methods: X-ray examination, ultrasonic examination, magnetic particle  flaw detection, dye-penetrant  inspection and etc.
Research-and-engineering centre and central laboratory makes it possible to carry out all types of mechanical testing and chemical analysis.
Production processes and heat treatment processes, developed and implemented by the research centre ensure proper mechanical properties and product quality.