Press / EKG-32R Topping-out ceremony

On April 25, 2012 EKG-32R – the most powerful shovel in Russian excavator building ever – has been launched into operation at Krasnobrodskiy opencast coal mine (belongs to “Kuzbassrazrezugol”, Kemerovo, Russia). EKG-32R is the modern hi-tech excavator, fully designed and manufactured in Russia – from the project lay-out, design and engineering to the work materials and all the main parts.

Only three years have come from the EKG-32R project beginning to its launching. Forming the lay-out, specifications and documentation package took about 18 months, the manufacture planning and pilot item fabrication took a year, and the final assembling and fitting took only three months (was pursued by regional service center, “OMZ-Sibir-Service”).

The market launch of that innovative excavator in such short terms became possible because of using the cutting-edge computer technologies, such as advanced 3D CAD system.

EKG-32R is designed for quarries with 20 m maximum high, in compliance with dump trucks with 190-240 t loading capacity. The main bucket capacity is 32 m3 and the bucket capacity range is 25-42 m3. it complies with the 190-240 t dump trucks.

The shovel has been put to a test operation, including the winter months with the temperature as low as -400 C, and managed to pass it successfully.

The delegations from the major Russian mining enterprises visited the topping-out ceremony, and have appreciated the new machine.