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The modern robotic welding system made by Austrian company IGM was mounted in the workshop №6

The project to introduce robotic welding plant for large excavator units - the track frames and central sections of the turntable - was suggested in 2010. After consideration and the project approval procedures, the contract was signed with the Austrian company IGM for the purchase of a robotic installation in 2012. This unit is non-standard, it is designed specifically for IZ- KARTEX. It differs from most of his peers with impressive capacity (38 t), and size. The complex is able to weld assemblies sizes up to 16 m long and up to 2.8 m wide. Specialists from IZ-KARTEX were sent to Austria for training to work on a new set.

This project is a part of a comprehensive modernization program for the creation of compact production, which IZ- KARTEX carried out with the support of management and financial partner of OMZ - Gazprombank. In prospect, the plans exist for the purchase of more than one robot in the workshop № 6 for assembly and welding gear and a third device for welding larger units of mining shovels.