Products / New product line

IZ –KARTEX philosophy for design of mining shovels is based on the following principles:

1. Optimal correspondence with mining vehicle specifications: vehicles loading for 3 – 5 digging cycles.
2. Continuity of the best approved designs of leading Russian and Foreign mining equipment engineering schools.
3. Superior operating performance and low owing cost of the equipment for customers. 

Selection of excavator main parameters is based on compatibility with forefield parameters, mining technology and working of mines system parameters, as well as on the world experience and mining engineering practice and science.
Based on the world mining practice, many years' accumulated experience in manufacture of mining shovels, as well as on feedback from operating and design organizations, the product line development strategy is directed at elaborating new models of excavators, aimed at increasing of unit capacity and good compatibility with open-cut transport parameters.
Following the mining practice and open-cut transport development trends IZ–KARTEX Company has made a commitment to the production of a new line of electromechanical mining rope and rack type shovels of four standard-size groups.
All the standard size shovels are optimized for the operation in conjunction with dump trucks and self-dumping cars  with a load-carrying capacity of 75–360 t .

Working attachment.

Mining shovels with an electric-powered drive have two basic concepts of crowd mechanism embodiment: either rope-type or rack-type concept.
Each design concept of front-end attachments has advantages and disadvantages, however these structural features are not fundamental in terms of mining technology.
IZ-KARTEX Company has adopted a strategy of manufacturing unified shovels  which  allow to mount either rack or rope crowd mechanisms on a single  base with at least 80% general unification, depending on the Customer’s request.

Electric drive.

Excavators are equipped with modern  d.c. and a.c. electric drives, ensuring:
• Quality increase of  excavator drive static performance and dynamic behavior, regulatory control  of drive parameters throughout the operating temperature range
• Reduction of load on mechanical an electrical shovel equipment in transient phenomena, which results in extension of rope service life and interrepair time.
• Energy saving and efficiency improving of the shovel on the whole.

Information and diagnostic system (IDS)

Information and diagnostic system (IDS) with radio communication channel capability.
IDS displays main check parameters and make it possible to check the shovel operation on a real time basis.
IDS displays main production data of the shovel (volume of the mined rock transported, productive time, power consumption and etc.), provides automatic protection of mechanical equipment, controls loads on mechanical equipment and conditions of the main drives. 

Rotation Unit

Supporting and turning device is equipped with roller circle with cone-shaped rollers and forged rails. The cone-shaped rollers are made of steel with advanced mechanical properties, hardness and impact strength. Steel rollers are equipped with polymeric bushings which do not need lubrication when in operation. 

Centralized automatic lubrication system 

Lubrication system using modern lubricants ensures:
• Increased service life of lubricated components and friction pairs.
• Exclusion of manual work during lubrication.
• Optimum grease consumption.
• Shovel operation at an ambient temperature up to 45 °С

Operator’s Cab.

Modular Operator’s Cab is ergonomically designed with good all round view of work space and travel route .
To improve comfort the operator’s cab contains two compartments: working compartment and resting compartment.
The working compartment is fitted with vibration-protected  operator’s seat /console assemblies, control equipment and diagnostic test set, heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.
There is a table, a washing stand, a microwave cooker, a refrigerator and a reclining berth in the resting compartment.
Also, the operator’s cab is provided with an option module with porta-loo .

Filter-ventilator unit

Shovels are equipped with modular  filter and ventilation installations  which render possible to
• supply filtered cooling air to heat-dissipating equipment set (control cabinets, electric motors etc.), resulting in increasing of heat removal efficiency and apparatus operation time.
• create excessive air pressure inside the shovel housing to prevent dust ingress from the outside.
• carry out monitoring and adaptive management  of temperature conditions in the housing.

Other special features

• Original gear design with particular accuracy of gear teeth.
• Stay rope structure of boom suspension
• Easy access to machinery, expansion of servicing zone and access.
• Complex fire extinguishing system
• Distinguished aesthetic design.

One of the key competitive advantages of IZ-KARTEX excavators is lower purchase costs and operational costs as compared to the competitors, which is to say lower owning cost of the equipment for the whole period of its use.