Company / Mission and values

Mission of IZ-KARTEX is to remain a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-performance mining equipment and services for mining  industry.

Values of IZ-KARTEX

The Company’s values consist in creating of an up-to-date, effective and developing machine-building plant.
Having a wide experience in engineering design and manufacturing of mining equipment, highly-skilled manpower, high scientific and technical potential the Company is dedicated to the development and manufacture of technologically advanced and cost-effective equipment and services for mining industry.
We are striving to be more responsive to our customers’ needs.
We are keen on financial well-being and professional advancement of our employees.
To realize the Company’s values IZ-KARTEX is fully committed to achievement of the following priority objectives:

Adhering to traditions

Our Company is a successor in business of mining equipment manufacturing at Izhora Plant.
Three hundred history and rich heritage of Izhora machine-building traditions are the foundation for effective development and strengthening of the Company.
Over many years the intergenerational continuity and families have been forming the work collective skeleton of the Company.


People are the real value of the Company.
We believe in the capabilities of our people.
Every skill is vital.
IZ–KARTEX is dedicated to providing our employees with the climate, resources and opportunities to develop individual skills to full potential.
The Company culture has served to involve, inspire and motivate our employees to work as a well-knit team of professionals and associates involved in their work and having art and part in the Company’s activities.

Meeting the Customers’ needs

Improving the business of the Company is our primary objective focused on meeting our customers’ needs and expectations.
Only the customer-oriented policy may result in achieving much success for the Company under current conditions of high and dynamic competitiveness.
We are keen to make modern, reliable and easy-to-use mining machines, as well as to provide full range of services.
Drawing from the advanced experiences, sophisticated technologies and intrinsic innovations we realize vital input for improvements for the sake of exceeding expectations of each of our Customers.

Company image

Our Company has established a good reputation at the markets of mining equipment in Russia, CIS and non-CIS countries through high production performances, high quality of products, strict observance of contract commitments, engineering and manufacturing of new products using  the state-of-the-art technology and equipment, as well as striving for further developments.
We are exerting every effort, so that IZ-КАRTEX remains among the world leaders in manufacturing of mining equipment, spare parts and providing aftersale customer service.

Development of partnership relations

Stability and reliability of partnership relations is one of the top-priority tasks of the Company.
We appreciate credibility and allegiance of our Partners.

Progressive advance

Our priority – optimization and diversification of production for its effective development in current conditions.
Rational utilization of working area, optimum quantity and quality of the manufacturing facilities, continuing personal and professional development of personnel shall ensure output of products within the shortest time spans at competitive prices and with perfect quality.
Introduction of innovative technology, innovative activity, meeting customers’ needs, quick response to market changes – these are the principles, ensuring progress of our Company.

Social responsibility

We live and work in Russia and we are proud of our Country.
Being in good progress, creating jobs, introducing innovative technologies, IZ-KARTEX works towards life improvement in our Country.
Striving for meeting and accomplishing goals and objectives in the day-to-day work, we justify the current existence of our Company and anticipate the times to come.