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According to the decision of OAO OMZ management, fabrication and blank production shop No.6 of the Izhorskiye Zavody plant has been placed under the operational management of IZ-KARTEX named after P.G.Korobkov Ltd. since March 1, 2013. This decision was announced to the workshop personnel by I.A. Timopheev, General Director of OAO Izhorskiye Zavody and A.R. Ganin, General Director of IZ-KARTEX named after P.G.Korobkov Ltd. at the specially arranged meeting.

This decision has been imposed primarily by the following two reasons.

On the first hand, each enterprise within OMZ Group needs to concentrate on their main business. OAO Izhorskiye Zavody is focused on production of nuclear power plant equipment and petrochemical vessels while workshop No. 6 profile is more congenial with activities of “IZ-KARTEX” company as they use a large number of metalwork and blanks for production of mining equipment.  

Secondly, IZ-KARTEX is implementing the Compact Production Project and integration of workshop No.6 that will accommodate facilities of workshop No.13 allows concentrating all production facilities of IZ-KARTEX within one production building.  

When accepting the workshop the IZ-KARTEX management undertook to give top priority to orders from Izhorskiye Zavody for blanking for NPP and petrochemical equipment production paying the closest attention to workmanship. Other important tasks will include increase of the workshop capacity utilization, search for new markets, products and customers, as well as focus on modernization of workshop No.6.


А.R. Ganin and I.A. Timopheev at the meeting with the workshop personnel