Press / Launch of IZ-KARTEX mining shovels in the I-st Quarter 2013

During the 1-st quarter of 2013, six new shovels manufactured by IZ-KARTEX were put into operation at mining plants in Russia, Belarus and Uzbekistan.

On January 16, 2013, EKG-10 mining shovel was put into operation in the KrasnoyarskTerritory at the Olympiada Ore Mining and Processing Plant owned by OJSC “Polyus Gold”, the largest Russian gold producer. Mounting was carried out by the plant’s own means. Experts from IZ-KARTEX performed mounting and training the pit operational personnel in operating the automatic centralized lubrication system, and also carried out acceptance tests of the shovel. In May, 2013, another EKG-10 shovel will be launched at the Olympiada Ore Mining and Processing Plant.

On February 7, 2013, EKG-18R mining shovel started operation at the Krasnobrodsky opencast coal mine that belongs to JSC “Kuzbassrazrezugol Coal Company”. This is the fourth shovel of this model delivered by IZ-KARTEX for opencast mines of JSC "Kuzbassrazrezugol Coal Company". Shovel mounting was done by local service provider "OMZ Sibir-Service".

On February 8, 2013, EKG-10 mining shovel was brought into operation at the Republican unitary manufacturing enterprise "Granite" (RUPP “Granite”) in the Republic of Belarus that was shipped to the customer at the end of 2012. RUPP "Granite" is one of the largest European companies for production and crushing of granite rocks. Annual output of crushed stones exceeds 15 million tons/year.

The previous shovel made at the Izhorskyie Zavody plant was supplied to RUPP "Granite" in the mid-eighties and therefore delivery of EKG-10 is a milestone event for both companies. In addition, the launched EKG-10 shovel is the first and most powerful excavator in the cutting and loading equipment fleet of RUPP "Granite".

The shovel mounting was performed by the Belarusian company involving specialists of IZ-KARTEX Service Division who performed supervision of erection, rendered services for mounting of the shovel automatic centralized lubrication system, start-up and commissioning, and carried out acceptance tests.

In May of the year, they will start shipment of the second EKG-10 shovel, which will be equipped with improved electric drive of main machinery based on “SCR – DC motor" circuit, to RUPP "Granite".


Mounting of EKG-10 shovel at RUPP "Granite"


On February 18, 2013, at the Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Plant (MMP) (the Republic of Uzbekistan) EKG-10 shovel was brought into operation to start cutting and loading operations at Daugyztau gold-sulphide field pit of the plant Northern Mining Administration. Mounting of the shovel was made by Navoi MMP personnel involving IZ-KARTEX’ Service Division specialists, who had performed range of start-up and commissioning work and carried out acceptance tests.  

On February 18 and March 7, 2013, mining shovels EKG-15M and EKG-8US, respectively were brought into operation at Angren opencast coal mine (Uzbekistan) belonging to JSC “Uzbekugol” supplied under the company modernization program. This is the first time when shovels of these models are fitted with a power efficient direct current drive based on “SCR – DC motor" circuit featured with improved controllability, higher reliability and easier servicing.  

The shovel mounting was performed by JSC “Uzbekugol”. “IZ-KARTEX” and “Joint Power Co. Ltd” being designer of the electric drive control system were involved in start-up and commissioning and acceptance testing of the new shovels.