Press / EKG-10 number 500: Jubilee Celebrations

On January 24, 2012, EKG-10 number 500, manufactured by IZ-KARTEX (OMZ Group), was dispatched to the Polyus Gold International. The celebrating ceremony took place at the IZ-KARTEX workshop.

EKG-10 is one of the most famous basic shovel model from IZ-KARTEX. The first EKG-10 was manufactured in 1984 for “Kuzbassrazrezugol”. It has become the most popular and widespread Russian-made shovel in Russian mining industry and in the CIS countries – Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan – since then. This can be by its reliability and simplicity alongside with its high efficiency.

Polyus Gold International is the largest gold producer in Russia and is among the top world gold producers.