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IZ-KARTEX as a participant of the 21st St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

IZ-KARTEX was invited by the Committee of industrial policy and innovation of St. Petersburg to take part in the 21st St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), which took place from 1 to 3 June 2017 at the Expoforum in St. Petersburg.

IZ-KARTEX presented an exclusive exhibit: the remote control system of excavator EKG-10. Such system enables remote control of an excavator while the driver is not in the cockpit. This allows us to solve several issues in the field of safe mining: to exclude the presence of a driver in the cab of the excavator, working in conditions of high contamination and danger of rock falling in the area of reference works. Such development features are typical for deep pits with the extraction of diamonds, gold and other minerals.

Remote control system model of an excavator presented at SPIEF consisted of an armchair, a remote control, identical to the one used in the real excavators; mobility system that provides feedback and realistic control; the LCD monitor to display the model with the help of the surveillance cameras; the bottom of the excavator is modeled from bulk materials; remotely working model of EKG-10, made in 1:25 scale, and model of dump truck, where the loading was carried out.

The exhibit aroused great interest between the visitors who had the opportunity to feel in control of the excavator. Among the visitors that were interested was the Governor of St. Petersburg G. S. Poltavchenko.

The next step in the development of remote control system will be to develop and install similar systems on the currently working model.


IZ-KARTEX exhibition booth with the Remote control system model of a mining excavator


The Governor of St. Petersburg G. S. Poltavchenko discussing the exhibit