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According to the contract, IZ-KARTEX will ship two SBSh-270A drilling rigs to the customer in the 2-nd quarter of 2013.

SBSh-270A drilling rig is a modification of the SBSh-270 basic model. As compared to the basic model SBSh-270A has drill tower extended up to 28 m and capability of shot hole drilling by single pass. These rigs have been manufactured with introduction of the following improvements and upgrades of important structural members:

1. Travel Mechanism:

- Increased braking force and braking torque

- Modified track design

- Improved track adjuster

- New electric motor with less weight, higher power capacity and integrated temperature sensors  

- Significantly updated electric motor control units

The above-mentioned modifications increase rig flexibility and improve its capacity due to reduced time for traveling.

2. Cabin

- Totally updated cabin frame, lining and internals including installation of window glass units and replacement of door sealing while keeping both geometric and ergonomic parameters

- Fundamentally changed cabin vibration suspension

- Installation of vibration-proof air-conditioning unit

The updates allowed improving operator comfort level and vibration protection.

3. Hydraulic Equipment

- Replacement of hydraulic cylinders with more reliable ones

- Replacement of piping welded fittings with cutting ring couplings  

This has resulted in higher reliability of the hydraulic equipment.

4. Air and Water Utilities

- Totally upgraded configuration of water supply system

- Improved electronic control system for compressor 

This has resulted in higher overall reliability of the utilities.

5. DrillTower

- Reinforced drill mast metalwork

- Simplified break-out wrench actuator and control

- Improved supporting group sealing

These modifications allowed not only improving robustness but also simplifying operation of the tower.

6. Improved design of drilling rig leveling jacks.

These improvements in the drilling rig design have led to increased equipment robustness, higher operational efficiency and reduced production costs.    

Two more SBSh-270A drilling rigs with same specifications will be delivered to the customer in the end of 2013. 


SBSh-270А at the iron-producing pit