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IZ-KARTEX‘s basic activity profile is engineering, manufacturing, sales and service of electric mining shovels.
The Company offers its Customers a wide range of genuine spare parts, component parts for mining equipment and services .
IZ-KARTEX also produces rotary roller-bit drilling rigs, as well as equipment for processing plants, metallurgy industry, electric-power industry and general engineering, but in smaller volumes.

IZ-KARTEX is the largest manufacturer and supplier of electric mining shovels in Russia and in the territory of CIS countries.

Since 1957, IZ-KARTEX has manufactured and supplied over 3800 electric mining shovels, of which more than 1000 machine units are now in operation.
IZ-KARTEX mining shovels form the basis of excavation and loading equipment fleet of the largest mining companies in Russia and CIS raw material producing countries -  Kazakstan, Uzbekistan. 

IZ-KARTEX supplies its mining equipment to mining enterprises in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, China, India  and other countries.

The Company’s head office and manufacturing facilities are located in Saint-Petersburg, Kolpino.
The staff in the company consists of 1300 people.
Production area is more than 100 000 m2.