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Five new shovels started working at the mining enterprises of Russia and CIS countries

Five excavators manufactured by IZ-KARTEX were put into operation at mining plants in Russia and CIS countries in the III quarter of 2016.

On 29 September, after successful completion of acceptance testing, excavator EKG-20KM was launched at the Central pit of JSC "Karelian Okatysh" . This is the second excavator supplied under the contract with JSC "Karelian Okatysh". The first EKG-20KM was launched in June this year. The next two EKG-20KM excavators will be supplied to the Customer in 2017.

On 30 September EKG-15M number 24 started working at the quarry "Jubileyniy" at Aihalsky GOK of JSC ALROSA. This is the fifth excavator shipped to the enterprises of JSC "ALROSA" since the resumption of cooperation in 2013.

The same day at JSC "Mikhailovsky GOK" another EKG-15M was launched. The installation was carried out by the company itself, with the participation of IZ-KARTEX in the chef installation and acceptance tests. This is the second such machine that is running at Mikhailovsky GOK in recent years to expand the capacity of the mining transportation complex.

On 5 October in Uzbekistan at JSC "Uzbekcoal" EKG-15M started operating. Installation was carried out by the enterprise with the participation of IZ-KARTEX in acceptance tests. This excavator EKG-15 was the ninth machine supplied due to the reconstruction of the quarry and increasing its capacity since 2011.

On October 10 at the quarry Kalkumer of JSC "Almalyk MMC" in the Republic of Uzbekistan EKG-10 began working. Previous shipments to JSC "Almalyk MMC" were in 2010. With the launch of the excavator the enterprises opened a new stage of cooperation.