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The record amount of shovels production and supply were reached in November in IZ-KARTEX

IZ-KARTEX reached the record results on shovels production in November – 3 units per months.

Two IZ-KARTEX EKG-15M shovels were supplied at Lebedinsky GOK and Mikhailovsky GOK in November. It is the third similar shovel for Mikhailovsky GOK within the increasing of mining complex capacity.

Lebedinsky GOK is a traditional IZ-KARTEX customer and the largest in Russia and CIS enterprise of iron ore production and enrichment. From 43 shovels working at Lebedinsky GOK, 40 shovels is IZ-KARTEX production.

What is more, EKG-12K was made and delivered to JSC “SSGPO” (Kazakhstan) in November. During the creation of this shovel the IZ-KARTEX mechanician have considered design features of its predecessors. The improved EKG-12K shovel has the modern control system which allows to exercise the full control of the equipment’s work and the main drives parameters. The cabin of the driver is equipped with the system of video surveillance, vibro-and a noise isolation, and built-in conditioner.

In addition, the SPTA set was made and delivered to mining enterprises.

The absolute record of shovels delivery will be set in IZ-KARTEX in December: the production and the shipment of four shovels – two EKG-15 and two EKG-10. What is more, the production and the shipment of SPTA set is planned. Total volume of realized  product in 2017 is one and a half times bigger than in 2016.

IZ-KARTEX  constantly works on improvement of separate knots of all shovels line. Today the main concept of a product line creation in IZ-KARTEX is a continuity of the best constructive solutions of serial shovels and the leading global manufacturers.