Press / API Radian

As a part of of modernization and upgrading of industrial base IZ-KARTEX commissioned laser coordinate measuring system API Radian, produced by Automated Precision Inc

API Radian is a high-tech measuring systems for checking the precision manufacture of parts and large-sized units and calibration of machine tools and coordinate measuring machines, precision dimensional control and validation of large-sized objects. The system allows measurements of the surface of objects from one point of installation of the device within a radius of 20 meters, with a scan speed of up to 1000 points per second.

The features of the device are disgned to eliminate the internal strain, reduce the influence of the temperature factor, ensure the accuracy and stability of measurements in continuous scanning in dynamic mode and in low visibility conditions. Built-in electronic level allows measurements relative to the plane of the horizon, and perform leveling products, without additional settings and calibrations.

One of the first orders for IZ-KARTEX using a laser system was to evaluate the main metals for stadium being built for the "Zenit" football club. With the help of laser systems dimensions of the block were evaluated, alongside with parallelism, squareness and flatness of the products, and a comparison with 3D-model of the metal.

Using a laser system is one of the ways to increase production capacity of enterprises, improve the quality of evaluation products and services. In the future professionals from KARTEX plan to mark the parts and assemblies for further machining to create three-dimensional models with the help of a laser system API Radian. Also, using the laser tracker API Radian became possible to produce virtual assembly products, eliminating the need to transport bulky metal units on the territory of the plant or outside it in order to verify the proper assembly of the final product. This advantage can significantly reduce labor costs and transportation costs, which ultimately affects the cost of the product.