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The launch of EKG-20KM in the South quarry of JSC "Karelskiy Okatysh"

The new shovel EKG-20KM has successfully passed the three-day acceptance test and on June 29 was launched into operation. It will be operating in the South quarry of JSC "Kareliskiy Okatysh" – one of the leading factories for the extraction and processing of iron ore in Russia, producing 20% of all Russian iron ore pellets.

Installation of EKG-20KM was carried out for two and a half months at the South quarry by the official distributor and service partner of IZ-KARTEX.

In the period of acceptance testing, the excavator EKG-20KM reached the capacity of 7800 cubic meters of rock mass per 12 hour shift. This is a very good result both for the plant and excavator operators, who had no experience of work in similar machines of large capacity and are only beginning to comprehend the nuances of the new excavator.

EKG-20KM was bought by "Karelskiy Okatysh" due to the need to reduce the cost of excavation rock mass and increase in production.

On the excavator body, the creative workers of the Karelskiy Okatysh depicted the hero-giant Svyatogor, which symbolically characterizes the new EKG-20KM as the largest and most powerful excavator of the enterprise. It is planned that this "hero" will produce four million cubic meters of rock mass per year.

In September 2016, the launch of the second excavator EKG-20KM is planned at the Central pit of JSC "Karelskiy Okatysh". The excavator is currently under installation. With the launch of new excavators some of EKG-10 will be written off the plant. These machines still form the basis of the excavation park of the company.