Press / EKG-20KM has shipped billion cubic meter of mined rock

EKG-20KM made by IZ-KARTEX has shipped billion cubic meter of mined rock

The significant event has taken place at  Karelsky Okatysh: the billion cubic meter of mined rock has been shipped since the beginning of field operation. This is the result of working of several miners’ generations in 40 years. Counting is conducted since 1978, when overburden works have begun at the very first pit of the Kostomukshsky field – Central pit.

When the billion has registered, the EKG-20KM shovel made by IZ-KARTEX was working. It has been shipped at Karelsky Okatysh at the end of 2017 and, according to tradition, has received a name and unique shape – the drawing of "predator" on the case. Its bucket fills a body of the 236-ton dump truck in three minutes.

From one billion mined rock, 840 million tons of iron ore have been extracted at Karelsky Okatysh and 287 million tons of pellets have produced.

In 2017, Karelsky Okatysh has set up a record on mined rock production– more than 51 million cubic meters a year.  It is a record not only for the enterprise, but also for all iron ore industry in Russia.

EKG-20KM - "Predator"