Press / IV quarter 2013 conclusion

During the IV quarter of 2013 four new excavators and three drilling rigs IZ- KARTEX at mining enterprises in Russia and foreign counries

On October 18, 2013, EKG -15M was put into operation at the Angren mine in "Uzbekugol " - second this year. The installation of the excavator was conducted by the plant under the technical supervision of IZ-KARTEX service engineers, who also carried out conduct acceptance tests .

On November 5, 2013 EKG - 12K was commissioned at Stoilensky GOK. It is the first of two excavators delivered in 2012. Installation was carried out  by the enterprise with supervision of experienced IZ- KARTEX service engineers, In these shovels, head gear nodes were improved as well as the lift and a number of other mechanisms. The bucket was also redesigned with six teeth.The improvements were carries out according to the existing practices of Mikhailovsky GOK.  

On November 29, 2013 at the mine "Jubilee" Aikhal Mining (JSC "Alrosa") EKG -15M was commissioned. This excavator model is designed to work in the Far North and is equipped with more advanced electric main mechanisms built on a "TRP -D" (transistor inverter - DC motor ) . Installation was carried out by a regional service organization " Gortekhmash-service " under the supervision of IZ- KARTEX chef service engineers together with drive system developer - the company "United Energy".

On December 20, 2013 EKG - 12USM was launched into operation at coal mine "Hercules " in Kazakhstan. It is equipped with electric mechanisms built on a " TrP -D" (transistor inverter - DC motor) . Installation was carried out by enterprise with supervision of experienced IZ- KARTEX service engineers together with system developers - the company "United Energy".

In October-December 2013 three drilling rigs SBSh- 270A mounted and commissioned at iron ore and copper Asian mining enterprises. Installation of machines was held by enterprises with supervision of IZ- KARTEX together with drive system developer - the company "United Energy" and the compressor unit developer - " VNIIkompressormash " (Ukraine) . Technical support and training will be carried out by IZ-KARTEX experts during the year.

Mounting of the drilling rig SBSh- 270A