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IZ-KARTEX continues facilities modernization

The two pieces of brand new equipment: profile-grinding machine ZP30 by Niles (Germany) and vertical lathe AC28 by Pietro Carnaghi (Italy).

 ZP30 by Niles is designed for grinding gears with a diameter of 3 meters and the unit up to 30. AC28 by Pietro Carnaghi will handle parts with a diameter up to 2.5 meters and is equipped with additional functions drilling, milling and threading.

In recent years within this program a number of modern machining centers was put into operation, made by world's leading manufacturers: Mori Seiki, HYUNDAI, Liebherr and others. In the near future the company will launch several more units, including the vertical milling machine type LC2000 (module 30) by Liebherr, designed for cutting teeth of up to 2 meters on the details as long as 5 meters; and milling machine of the vertical type 2400/2800 by Gleason-Pfauter, cutting teeth on the "wheel" type details with a diameter of 2.5 meters and module 20.