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The 60th anniversary of excavator production in IZ-KARTEX

The festive events devoted to the 60th anniversary of excavator production in IZ-KARTEX took place on October 27, 2017 in Kolpino.

The excavator production in IZ-KARTEX started in 1957 when the specialized design office of heavy mechanical engineering has been created and started working on engineering development of shovels.

Within the events, guests had an opportunity to be acquainted with today's hi-tech production of the mountain equipment, to see the high-precision metalworking equipment from the leading global manufacturers on which knots and mechanisms for modern mining machines are made. Also the training complex and remotely-controlled model of the shovel have been shown to guests. What is more, the excursion to the Izhora Plants history museum has been organized.

The best staff of the company received the awards for honest work in honor of a significant event. After the rewarding, the gala concert was held for staff of the company and guests.


The guests are watching the large-scale EKG-15M model in the shop No. 13