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The modernization of lighting system at IZ-KARTEX workshops

The lighting system in IZ- KARTEX workshops is subjected to continuous improvement with the introduction of energy saving technologies over the past few years. A number of projects was implemented for replacing lighting fixtures to LED lighting .

IZ- KARTEX has successfully cooperated with the Volgograd manufacturer of LED lights - company Econex – for two years. The target audience of the company are the plants that are fitting the new workshops with the light devices or carrying replacement of the lights which do not meet production requirements at existing workshops. The representative of Econex in St. Petersburg made such a change in the IZ-KARTEX workshops.

The first delivery of LED fixtures from Econex was carried out in December 2011 . After the successful experience of cooperation the second supply was held in October 2012. The result of cooperation with Econex was complete refitting of lighting of workshop N 2 for the production of parts for mining shovels in January 2013.

Lightings before installation LED lighting:


Lightings flight after installation of LED lights:


Advisability of such modernization is caused not only by following the program resource-saving, but also by increasing the level of production quality. Obsolete lights did not conform to the requirements of normative documents on illumination. The level of 200 lux is required for industrial premises with an area and a height of a workshop N2. With modern fixtures of Econex Power 300 not only necessary illumination was achieved, but it also became possible to supply more light output in certain areas of the plant, where the desired illumination shall be up to 300 lux . Thus, the company’s lighting system is complied with the international quality systems.

With the expectation of long-term use Econex Power 300 pays for itself several times. First of all, this contributes to the high energy efficiency. Power consumption of previously used fixtures was 1200 W, whereas Econex - only 310 watts. Compared to its predecesso , which required regular replacement (every two years ) , LED lamp provides long comfortable working conditions. In addition, the reliability and durability of LEDs installation virtually eliminate maintenance costs of the lighting installation .

Therefore, the implementation of the project to replace lighting not only improves the quality of lighting in the workshop 2 , but also provides saving given its low power consumption and long life .

In addition, the company is able to control lighting systems radio channel with a device that allows remote control of light intensity. Light control can be performed by a computer or terminal with a built-in radio transmitter . Built-in software allows to display on a computer monitor volume model shop and graphically produce of the zoning premises . Thus, for each plant section can be provided with an individual light regime .

IZ- KARTEX is planning to implement further projects to refurbish the lighting equipment in other production units .