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Shipment of the key elements of steel trusses for the construction of a new complex "Lakhta Center" in St. Petersburg has begun

"Lakhta Center" is a social&business complex with the headquarters of the Gazprom group which is currently under construction in St. Petersburg. The complex opening is scheduled for 2018.

Six metal supporting trusses for construction of "Lakhta Center", weighing about 15 tons each, were manufactured by IZ-KARTEX for Renaissance Construction, which is the General contractor for construction of "Lakhta Center". The contract for the fabrication of high-strength steel capable of withstanding very heavy loads, was signed in August 2016. High quality of the final product received positive feedback from the customer and allowed to speak about opportunities of further partnership of IZ-KARTEX and Renaissance Construction, which is the recognized world leader in the field of construction.

IZ-KARTEX has major experience in the manufacturing of steel structures for various purposes. In particular, in recent years there have been manufactured pylons for the construction of the "Zenit arena" stadium, steel gantry cranes, metal bridge spans and other products.