Press / The EKG-32R shovel set the new record

The new record was set by IZ-KARTEX EKG-32R shovel at the coal mine of JSC "Mezhdurech'e

The IZ-KARTEX EKG-32R shovel No.3 set the new record at the coal mine of JSC "Mezhdurech'e" – 901 000 cubic meters of shipped mined rock per month. It became possible thanks to harmonious work of shovel operators’ team and increasing intensity of giving the dump trucks for loading. The daily productivity of the shovel has averaged 30 000 cubic meters in this month.

The EKG-32R shovel is distinguished by high technical characteristics, energy efficiency, a possibility of operation at a temperature up to -45 degrees and also the sufficient level of safety for the driver, service staff and for the environment.

The EKG-32R No.3 was commissioned at the JSC "Mezhdurech'e" on November 30, 2016. The regional service company «OMZ-Sibir-Service» performed the installation.

Now three EKG-32R shovels are working in Russia. One of them is working at the JSC "Mezhdurech'e" and the others two are working at the Krasnobrodsky coal mine of Kuzbassrazrezugol.