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Specialists of the Designer department of IZ-KARTEX visited the Mining Museum of Saint - Petersburg State Mining University

On April 11, 2017 Mining University has welcomed a delegation from IZ-KARTEX – 17 engineers from the Designer department. The sightseers were able to see not only a Mining Museum, but the building of the University, founded in 1773 – the first higher technical educational institution of Russia.

The Mining Museum is one of the oldest museums in our country. The Museum's collection has been the basis for the educational and research activities of the Mining University for two centuries since it has been founded together with the University itself. Part of the Museum is the Foundation for the history of the Mining Institute and other three departments are: Mineralogy, Geology (dynamic, historical Geology, palaeontology, historical and dynamical Geology, petrography, minerals). Today the Museum has more than 2,300 unique natural crystals, including a collection of beryls from more than 90 fields in the world, the English fluorites and interesting collection of the Ural malachite. The Mining Museum has the second largest collection of minerals in Russia. The Museum funds include more than 230 thousand specimens, collected from all over the world: minerals, meteorites, geological-stratigraphical, paleontological collections, models mining and metallurgical proceedings of the 18-19 centuries, a collection of knives Zlatoust arms factory, 20 thumbnails of Carl Faberge and many more.

IZ-KARTEX works closely with the Mining University: students practice at the company, graduates have internships, professors are the members of the Scientific and technical Council.