Press / EKG-20КМ №1

Lebedinsky GOK completed acceptance tests of EKG-20KM

Excavator EKG-20KM is a modified model of EKG-18R /20K, which are successfully working in the Kuzbass coal mines and gold mining company in Uzbekistan - Navoi MMC. Excavator EKG-20KM is designed for heavy-duty mining and geological conditions of iron ore quarries. Payload in the bucket of the excavator EKG-20km is 25% bigger compared to EKG-18R /20K (50 tons), which is achieved through the use of actuators and lifting the head of a new design and increased power.

In order to prevent the negative impact of the increased stress on the work equipment a number of structural and technological changes have been carried: an increase in the load capacity achieved in boom and arm, and two-legged stand and struts, previously representing the hollow tube, is now made in the form of a welded steel structures of sheet metal.

Excavator EKG-20KM is equipped with energy-efficient AC drive, like excavators EKG-32R. Using the AC drive provides high efficiency and maintainability of equipment, which ultimately increases the reliability of the system as a whole.

Installation of EKG-20KM was carried out by a service company with "Mining and Metallurgical Company" under the technical supervision service engineers from IZ-KARTEX, work on setting up the drive carried out by specialists of OJSC "Power Machines".



EKG-20KM at the Lebedinsk quarry