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Unique machining center SIRMU was commissioned at IZ-KARTEX

A new five-axis vertical turning center VPTM280/320C-RT of SIRMU, Italy, was launched at IZ-KARTEX workshop. SIRMU is one of the leaders in the production of machines of this type.

New machining center was commissioned due to the project "Compact production." It is equipped with a double column, moving crosspiece and rotary table with 3200 mm diameter, movable along the axis «Y» in the range of ± 2000 mm. Besides complex turning, machine is able to perform milling, drilling, tapping, boring holes in parts of diameter 3500 mm and a height of 2800 mm, with a maximum weight of 40 tons of billet. The machine is equipped with a modern bar with CNC Siemens 840D Sl, shop with automatic tool changing device for tool monitoring and control device for harvesting by omnidirectional probe «Renishaw».

High precision machine would eliminate the process of assembly operations and the subsequent joint processing of multiple parts, which requires ensuring alignment precision holes. In general, the introduction of new equipment will improve the quality of the IZ-KARTEX products, reduce the time to process a large number of parts and concentrate multiple operations on one machine.

Technical re-equipment of production in the IZ-KARTEX is held within the program of modernization of production facilities, implemented with the financial support of the main financial partner and shareholder - Gazprombank.