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Launch of the third EKG-32R

The grand launch of the third EKG-32R took place at the coal pit of "'Mezhdurech'e".

The order on the effective and safe operation of the EKG-32R №3 was issued to the best brigade  – under the leadership of excavator operator Eremeev Sergey Dmitrievich with total work experience of 25 years.

This is the first Russian excavator of such capacity introduced at "'Mezhdurech'e". The uniqueness of the EKG-32R is in its size and technical characteristics. Bucket capacity is 35 cubic meters. Only three such powerful machines are working now - the first two EKG-32R are being operated at Krasnobrodsky coal mine of "Kuzbassrazrezugol". While creating a new excavator the engineers have taken into account the design features of its predecessors. In this model, many parts are upgraded and improved, and excavator showed excellent results while testing.

The forecasted performance of EKG-32R №3 on the basis of the mining plan of the enterprise is 30 thousand cubic meters of rock per day.