Press / Supporting metal gantry cranes are being produced in welding and assembly workshop N6 for JSC "SMM"

IZ-KARTEX collaborates with JSC "SMM" as a part of implementing the strategy aimed at diversification of activities and production of steel-works for wide range of industries

JSC "SMM" is located in St. Petersburg and specializes in the manufacture of lifting equipment for ports and transport terminals, which are successfully operating in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and the European Union.

The cooperation between IZ-KARTEX and JSC "SMM" originated in 2010 - previously various elements and steel gantry cranes, such as support groups, were produced.

Thanks to the expansion and modernization of production facilities in the current year IZ-KARTEX received an order for the production of three support structures for gantry cranes. The weight of the steel-works if from 60.2 to 94.2 tons, height from 12.2 to 13.2 m and they have a 10.5 m wide base.

In the future the cooperation between the companies will be extended in order to manufacture the steel structures for port equipment.


The manufacturing of metal gantry crane in the workshop N6 IZ-KARTEX