Press / August 17, 2015

A unique foundation is being produced at the workshop 2 of IZ-KARTEX

The foundation has a size of 32.5 to 14.5 m (470 square meters). It already took 150 tons of reinforcement and 2,400 cubic meters of concrete to produce it.

The foundation must be fixed reliable, and be absolutely unshakeable when the equipment will be placed onto it. For this purpose under sewn reinforcement of the monolithic concrete slab a pile field is located: 205 reinforced concrete piles (50 cm diameter) are scored in the ground 18 meters deep.

A unique horizontal boring and milling machine PAMA SPEEDRAM 3000 (by Italian company PAMA SpA) will be set on the giant  foundation.

It is a modern multi-functional machining center, where you can perform the processing of steel structures weighing up to 100 tons. The machine is equipped with a rotary table, eliminating the need for tilting workpieces.

Automatic tool change system allows you to quickly go from boring to milling and drilling operations. Maximum work area, that is, the length of travel of the machine stand with the working bodies, is 20 meters. High accuracy is achieved not only thanks to modern instruments, but also by the total absence of vibration of the machine. Therefore it requires a unique foundation - the high demands are dictated by the vendor.

In the workshop №2 two similar machines from PAMA SpA will be installed, but they’ll be smaller. One, with a 12-meter zone of processing, will stand in the first aisle, a foundation pit is ready. Another, with a 10-meter working area, is set in the fifth aisle, the foundation is being designed.