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The results of IZ-KARTEX working in Q1 2018 were summed up

IZ-KARTEX has successfully worked in the first quarter of 2018. The company has made and shipped eight mining machines: five EKG-15 shovels, one EKG-12K shovel and two EKG-10 shovels. From these eight shovels, IZ-KARTEX has made and shipped five shovels to Almalyk MMC (Uzbekistan). Three shovels have been shipped ahead of schedule thanks to optimization of production processes and to brilliant work of production specialists from IZ-KARTEX.

In addition, a new record has been set in IZ-KARTEX in the first quarter: the company has reached maximum for the last 5 years in production and shipment of shovels’ spares to the main distributors and customers in Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

IZ-KARTEX continues facilities modernization. In January 2018, the company has signed agreements for shipments of two turn-milling machining centers, two boring-and-turning mills and two measuring machines for gear wheels. In March 2018, the contract for shipment of gear grinder has been signed. Now IZ-KARTEX is preparing for commissioning of two boring-and-turning mills.