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The angle bends stamping for the main circulation pipeline NPP "Kudankulam" is finished

12 angle bends for the main circulation pipeline (MCP) of the third unit of NPP Kudankulam (India) is completed. The works were carried out by the order of Izhorskiye Zavody, Group OMZ.

The main circulation pipeline connects the equipment of the NPP primary circuit: reactor, steam generators and main circulating pumps. The coolant circulates at the RCP  – water is heated to a temperature of 320°C, under pressure to 17.6 MPa. MCP consists of pipes connected by a lap.

The contract for the manufacture of equipment for the construction of the third unit of the Indian Kudankulam NPP was signed by Izhorskiye Zavody in 2015. Under the contract Izhorskiye Zavody produced the reactor vessel VVER-1000 internals and upper unit cover, pressurizer and the main circulation pipeline.