Press / Deliveries renewal at Akhailskiy GOK

In 2013, the cooperation between IZ-KARTEX and Aikhal GOK (JSC "ALROSA") was renewed and mining excavator EKG-15M was delivered to the mine

Previous shipments from IZ-KARTEX to Aikhal GOK were held in 2010.

Today, the Aikhal GOK includes "Jubilee" and "Komsomol" quarries as well as underground mine "Aikhal." The diamond mining company began operating in 1961.

Currently, the bulk of extraction of Aikhal GOK accounts for the largest quarry of "ALROSA" – diamond pipe "Jubilee", where the new EKG-15M was put into operation. This event is a remarkable for "Jubilee" quarry because the last delivery of excavators at the place was made as long as 13 years ago - in 2000. Also interesting is the fact that the quarry "Jubilee" is the only one in Russia, where mining and stripping operations are conducted solely by powerful excavator EKG-15, the number of which already consists of 8 units.

New EKG-15M was launched into operation on November 29, 2013. The installation of the excavator was conducted by the regional service company "OMZ-Gortehmash-Service The experts from IZ-KARTEX and developers of the electric drive - JSC "United Energy" – were also engaged in the process of installation and commissioning of the excavator.

EKG-15M for Aikhal GOK was made extra cold-resistant, allowing it to operate at temperatures up to - 50 degrees Celsius. Insulated excavator cabin is equipped with special double-glazed windows, and special thermal heating devices were installed instead of the standard heating equipment.

EKG-15M is equipped with modern energy-efficient motor control system which allows to reduce power consumption compared with any other systems used on excavators EKG this class before.

EKG-15M at the installation site, "Jubilee" quarry