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Four EKG-10 started working in India

Fourth excavator EKG-10, delivered under the contract, was put into operation at the Katras quarry, owned by Bharat Coking Coal Limited - one of the divisions of the Indian state corporation Coal India Limited. At the ceremony of the excavator launch, which was given the sonorous name of Goddess Kali the Destroyer by the customer, were the General Director of IZ-KARTEX, Consul General of the Russian Federation in the city of Calcutta, the head of the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in India. The first three excavators were put into operation in the summer of this year and have been successfully operated under the supervision of experienced engineers from Russia.

The supply contract for four EKG-10 was signed in 2013. This contract is an important milestone in the revival of long-standing partnership between the Indian and Russian companies, interrupted for 14 years: the Indian coal company has not bought Russian mining equipment since 1999. IZ-KARTEX managed to win the tender for the supply of excavating equipment due to a maintenance contract of excavators for 17 years. To ensure this condition of the contract, the company creates a representative office in India and all the necessary infrastructure.

Successful contract was the key to constructive cooperation between IZ-KARTEX and the Indian company. Currently, IZ-KARTEX takes part in tenders for the supply of such excavators for Coal India Limited.

Coal India Limited (CIL) - State Coal Corporation, based in Calcutta (India). The Corporation is the largest coal mining company in the world, accounting for 81% of coal production in India. The company is currently implementing a large-scale plan to update the fleet of mining machines working on Indian coal mines.