Press / EKG-10 launched in India

IZ-KARTEX completed installation and commission of excavator EKG-10 at coal mine Block-II, the company owned by Bharat Coking Coal Limited - one of the divisions of the Indian state corporation Coal India Limited.

Coal India Limited (CIL) - State Coal Corporation, located in Calcutta (India). The Corporation is the largest coal mining company in the world, accounting for 81% of coal production in India. The company is currently implementing ambitious plans to update the fleet of mining machines operating on Indian coal mines.

Contract for four EKG-10 was signed in 2013. The contract is an important milestone in the revival of old partnerships between Indian and Russian companies, which was interrupted for 14 years - Indian coal company hasn’t bought Russian mining equipment since 1999. The contract also includes the maintenance of excavators for 17 years. To ensure the current conditions of the contract IZ-KARTEx opens in India its own branch and creates a warehouse of spare parts.

There is an ongoing installation of the other three shovels under the guidance of experienced service engineers and fitters of IZ-KARTEX. All excavators will be commissioned before the end of the third quarter of this year.