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UK "Kuzbassrazrezugol" launched the second EKG-32R into operation

EKG-32R №2 is put into operation after seven months of pilot tests at Krasnobrodsky quarry of "UK" Kuzbassrazrezugol". The first EKG-32R was launched at Krasnobrodsky quarry in April 2012.

Operating weight of the new machine is 1,050 tons. EKG-32R is equipped with AC drive. Unlike DC drive, it is more convenient because it reduces maintenance electric machinery.

Unlike the first excavator, this one has the bucket capacity increased from 32 to 35 cubic meters. In addition, the design of EKG-32R №2 has a number of improvements: enhanced bottom of the ladle, upgraded drive wheels and track links, LED lighting.

The safest and most comfortable conditions were created in the machine: it is equipped with CCTV of “no-view” zones and information and diagnostic system (on the monitor mounted in the cab) displays the basic parameters of the equipment. The cabin has a climate control system, insulation, a microwave, a refrigerator, a chemical toilet. Driver's seat is mounted on a bellows, which provides more comfortable and safe working conditions.

Average operating performance of EKG-32R in Krasnobrodsky quarry 25 thousand cubic meters/day. According to the information of "Kuzbassrazrezugol", the performance is comparable to imported excavators, but benefits significantly in price and cost of ownership.

An important component of success in "Kuzbassrazrezugol"  is the corporate sales service of EKG-32P and EKG-18R by the regional service company "OMZ-Siberia-Service": its experts are able to deliver and replace any necessary spare parts in a matter of hours.