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Specialists from SUEK have visited IZ-KARTEX

Specialist and heads of engineering departments have visited IZ-KARTEX. The visit was organized as a part of refresher course of Saint-Petersburg Mining University, which SUEK members complete according to “Efficiency improvement of operation and maintenance of mining machines and equipment” program.

Guests have visited workshop, where they have become acquainted with work features of IZ-KARTEX, have seen modern high-tech equipment during its work and have seen finished goods – units for mining machines. Also training excavator complex has been demonstrated to SUEK specialists. It is a modern simulator designed for drivers’ training and for safe and productive operation of the machines. What is more, guests have visited Izhora Plants history museum.

IZ-KARTEX works closely with Saint-Petersburg Mining University: students do practical work; professors are the members of Science and Engineering Board of IZ-KAREX.

SUEK is one of the largest coal companies by reserves and sales globally.