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The EKG-10 shovel team set a new record on overburden delivery in June 2017 on Kiselevskii mine

According to monthly results (July 2017) the EKG-10 shovel team under the management of Verschakin D.A. has shipped 469 thousand m3 of overburden. These overburden values were proved by the mine survey. The previous record was 408 219 m3 and belonged to JSC “Siberian Anthracite” considering coal mines.

The EKG-10 shovel, which set the record, has been working on Kiselevskii mine since 1992. At the moment this EKG-10 shovel is involved in excavation of adjacent overburden (siltstones, sandstones) with loading on transport of 136-160 tons payload. During the whole operation period EKG-10 No.204 has exceeded production plan limits repeatedly and reached record figures.

Kiselevskii mine is engaged in opencast mining of low-caking coal. The mine was founded in 1953. It located in the north-western part of the Prokopevsko-Kiselevsk district of Kemerovo region, in three geological plots: Oktyabrinsky, Tugai, Tugai-South. Industrial reserves of coal on January 1, 2015 equal to 34 million tons of coal. Production capacity of the mine is 2 million tons of coal per year.